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  1. Hello all,

    I am starting this thread to get some insight on this internship and here from form interns or new interns that are accepted for 2017.

    Any info will be great! thanks
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  3. by   NJess
    I'm currently an intern at SPUH. It's unpaid and anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the unit and on your performance. You must pass a med-math and pharmacology exam to start.
  4. by   NJess
    Do you mean no guarantee of a job afterwards? I believe that they say this mainly to cover their ass from incompetent interns. The majority of interns are hired after completing orientation, as long as they didnt completely bomb the internship by doing something inappropriate.

    Are you a new grad? Experienced nurses hired here don't have to complete the same orientation as new grads.
  5. by   helpers56
    oh okay. I am a new grad and I am thinking about just starting at RWJ and maybe apply to saint peters as an experienced nurse if I am still interested. I really like saint peters but I need something with a guarantee. If you don't mind me asking, why didn't you just get a regular position at others hospitals or the paid residency.
  6. by   NJess
    I'm a new grad with an ADN and figured beggars can't be choosers. I worked there in an unlicensed assistive position while in school, and was offered an internship position on my ideal critical care unit (sorry I'm paranoid on the internet and don't like to give out too much identifiable info) which ADN nurses don't often get into. It was either a regular position on a unit that I didnt really care for, or the internship on a unit that I really wanted, and I went with the latter.

    If it helps, upon accepting the intern position I signed a contract with them which included a salary agreement for after completion. Although there's no guarantee, it's pretty much guaranteed. In the only instance I've heard of someone not getting hired, that nurse had multiple patient complaints for inappropriate behavior and didnt make it through orientation.

    However, RWJ is a great hospital with great pay from what I've heard. If you have been offered a position there, I think you should accept it. What makes you want to go to Saint Peter's instead of RWJ?
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  7. by   helpers56
    I guess I should start being a little paranoid too and start leaving out identifiable info lol. I will PM you so we can speak privately.
  8. by   helpers56
    I am not sure if you are able to receive private messages? Please let me know
  9. by   NJess
    So I finally found how to get to private messages on mobile, and then I typed out a whole response to you, but then when I went to send it, I lost the whole thing because apparently I don't have 15 quality posts yet on here.

    So yes I can receive your messages but I guess I cant send any until I get a few more posts.

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