Roll Call New Jersey nurses

  1. HI!! I just noticed and responded to a roll call on New York nurses and thought I'd start a thread for NJ!

    Tell us about yourself and where you work. It seems like this is a small group of nurses posting......keep telling your friends to post here. I bring up at work and the nurses are finding it informative and fun to read!

    So, I'll start. You can read my profile for background. Currently doing agency work full time.......taking the summer off from Grad school at Monmouth University. (6 credits to go!)

    Don't have much time for fun these days but I try to get away to upstate NY where we ski and I have 2 horses who I try to get out and ride while I'm up there. I'm married and have a 17 yo son who is crunching for SAT's and thinking about applying for Physical Therapy school in after I finish paying for my school it'll be time to pay for his!
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    GSLatimer- RN and LNHA (Licensed Nursing Home Administrator): Currently empployed at Southern Ocean County Hospital, Jersey Shore Trauma Center and Shoreline Behavioral Health.... it keeps me busy.... Once was an LPN, graduate of UMDNJ (RN) and BA from Kean University (Public Administration). Next......