RCGC Nursing 2018

  1. I plan on applying this week to the generic nursing program and Rowan college at Gloucester county. My overall hesi score was 88 percent but all of my science courses have expired because it's been 5 years since I took them. I completed A&P 1 but my final score was a C and last semester I had to withdraw from A&P 2 and Micro. I just want to know how competitive this program is and if it's even worth me applying or maybe if I should add a short note explaining my situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   TofuSandwich
    In previous years they accepted everyone that met the requirements to apply, but during the last admission cycle they got so many applications that they had to deny some people. Unfortunately, a C in A&P will put you towards the back of the applicant pool in terms of ranking, but there's really nothing to lose by applying and seeing what happens. In terms of writing a note, I would not bother. They are strict on following the ranking method listed in the admission packet and won't consider any factors outside what's listed on that rubric.

    If you do decide to apply and are accepted for the fall, I would recommend taking A&P 1&2 over the summer. The program is rigorous, and not having a solid understanding of A&P will put you at a disadvantage. They don't require you to have those classes completed to enter the program, but you will still be responsible for knowing the content as it relates to the topics in class and clinicals. They don't teach you any A&P- there just isn't time. The other benefit is that you won't have to take them at the same time as the nursing courses, meaning you'll have more time to study nursing content.