Passaic County Community College, Sussex campus

  1. Is anyone here starting nursing school at PCCC, or at the Sussex campus? I just started taking my prerequisites this summer at SCCC, and just took the TEAS on Monday. I will be applying next fall for the January 2019 evening program.

    I am looking for anyone who will be starting the program or anyone who is already enrolled in the program. I would love to talk to other people who will be or are in the same program to get some insight, compare notes...
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  3. by   MedTech220
    I just applied and got accepted to PCCC- Paterson, NJ. I have to take my pre-reqs and I'll be doing the nursing program. What should I be studying before I start classes...Can you recommend any websites or books? thanks
  4. by   jenfattz
    Congratulations on getting accepted! So far I have completed my 2 English pre-req's and Intro to Psychology. They were easy and other than the required textbook, I didn't need to buy or do anything special. I am currently taking Psychology of the Human Lifespan, which is also pretty easy, and Anatomy & Physiology 1. A&P is a tough class. If you want to prepare for it, I would start to review organs/organ systems, and the structure and function of cells. So far I have only purchased index cards to make my own flashcards, but the website Quizlet has saved me. It has been such a big help, I can make flashcards online, and add diagrams of the cells, microscope, etc. I can quiz myself, play matching games with all the info I enter, and I've been able to share it with a few friends in my Lab, so we all have access to it. Thanks to quizlet, I just took and aced my Lab midterm practical. The things I have been able to do with that website has been invaluable.