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Hey guys! Just wanted to start a new thread for applicants to NJCUs ABSN program for 2013. I applied to the JC cohort.... Read More

  1. by   studenthopeful
    So I just declined their offer! My heart is set on another program. Anyone waiting on the wait list will be called soon!!!! Good luck to all the NJCU ABSN students 😃
  2. by   meghanmary
    I created a facebook group so that we can all talk without the restrictions on this site. If you have a facebook look for it NJCU JC ABSN 2013!
  3. by   NJnursehopeful
    thanks Meghan!! sorry i've been busy! anyone else on fb? find the group!
  4. by   seong69
    Is there anybody who already set up financial aid, student loans?
    I applied for FAFSA on Mar, but I did not get responded yet.
  5. by   NJnursehopeful
    i got my letter from NJCU about a month ago for that stuff
  6. by   meghanmary
    I got my quote in April at the NJCU general orientation. I got my official quote about a month ago and went on to Gothic net to accept it a few weeks ago. Call the schools financial aid department. They are very helpful!
  7. by   NJnursehopeful
    anyone else from the JC cohort have facebook?
  8. by   seong69
    Thanks, blueangel & meghanmary,
    Yes, I called to NJCU financial aid office today and got heard that I would get the letter within two weeks.
    It is first time to apply for FAFSA because I have a foreign Bachelor's degree.
    I did not know its procedure after applying for FAFSA.
  9. by   seong69

    Is there anyone who set up private student loans? I did not receive the letter from the Financial Aid office yet, but I accessed the GothicNet and found my federal financial aid amount. I need to borrow whole tuition amount loans, but the federal ones are too low. Does school financial aid office help to set up private student loan? Or do I have to find it by myself?
  10. by   meghanmary
    You have to set up private by yourself .. School can only offer places to Look for these loans and they just handle the loans from the fafsa.. Banks you hold accounts in are a good place to look ..
  11. by   seong69
    Thanks, meghanmary.
  12. by   NJnursehopeful
    you should also look into an NJclass loan if you live in NJ. I have them from my first Bachelors degree.

    Just go to: NJCLASS Home and read about rates and all that fun stuff. Otherwise like Mehgan said, look into a private loan. Hope this helps!
  13. by   seong69
    Thanks, blueangel.
    I am looking into NJclass loan.
    See you tomorrow at orientation!