Need help about Bergen community college nursing program

  1. I was thinking of applying to the spring program because I have completed all the prerequisites at another university. I have some things I am unclear onIs there a waiting list and what exactly does that mean? From what I understand after speaking with admissions a couple times is that if you have a 2.5 gpa you will be asked to take the HESI and then they take the top scores of all the applicants and that's who gets in. So I guess I am not sure where the waiting list would get in. If you are allowed to take the hesi and have a top score, you're in- if you don't have a top score-- you're not. Right?Also I work with someone who got into the spring program a year ago and she applied in September, took the hesi sometimes in November I believe and started that spring as a nursing student. If I get a good score on the hesi is it unrealistic of me think things could work out for me the way they have for my co-worker or is some waiting list going to get in the way.P.S I have a 3.6 gpa and have already started studying for the hesi
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    Moved to the New Jersey State Nursing Programs for more of a response.
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    When I started, the HESI was the determining factor. Like you said they start at the top with the higher scores and work down from there until the spots are filled. A friend that had a much better GPA than me was not accepted since I had a better HESI score than he.

    I am not sure about any waiting list. I do know there were some that were not initially admitted, but was able to get a spot if someone deferred their start date or decided not to enroll at all.

    so I would suggest study hard for the HESI. Good Luck
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    @Beckerz : I applied with 3.7 GPA for the spring 2012' ..I got rejected.. but I got accepted for this fall and I'm sure it was because of my HESI score which was higher than the first time..GPA doesn't factor in much unless someone has the same HESI score as you, then GPA becomes a part in the deciding factor. Good luck!