LPN Program at Dover Business School

  1. Today I wrote and passed the NLN entrance test at Dover Business School in Clifton, NJ. On monday I will be meeting with the Dean for an interview. I was very excited about making it until i read some student reviews about the college, claims that the teachers are not very helpful. One student even said that when she started the program there were 29 student but only graduated with nine. Obviously the program is demanding and I'm starting to worry because I have two very young boys (2&4yrs). I will be going full time and the kids will be in daycare, i'm just not sure if i will make it with such young kids. I also have my husband's full support but he will now have to work longer hours to support our family. This means juggling kids and school will be mainly on me.
    I simply cannot afford to fail the program once i start, my family's financial freedom depends on it. So i would rather not make those loans if i won't make it all the way. My question is to those who are in the program, or those who have graduated (even better if you did it with kids). Is this a feasible dream? I want this bad, but have not studied since 2003 so i'm a little nervous if my study skills are sharp enough.
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