Interview this Friday at Virtua-Mt. Holly

  1. Good morning all,

    I'm interviewing this Friday at Virtua-Mt. Holly. Would anyone know the starting pay for a new grad? How are the benefits?

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  3. by   cheleb61
    Virtua Memorial Hospital or Virtua Mt. Holly Center?
  4. by   alexillytom
    I'm interviewing at Virtua Memorial Hospital
  5. by   NJNursing
    I was going to go there, but they offered one of the least amount of money which last May was $22-24 an hour. One of my classmates got a job there right before their strike and she said that she feels the hospital doesn't value their nurses and is looking to switch to where I work.
  6. by   alexillytom
    Thanks for the info. I am doing my clinical rotation there and for the most part, on my assigned unit, the nurses seem relatively happy. Starting in June, the starting pay for new nurses is $26.44/hr.
  7. by   NJNursing
    Oh good, they upped it to be more competative. I think my friend works on one of the stokes units.
  8. by   pammalot1
    I interviewed at Virtua-Marlton, and they are offering up to $16,000 for school for a two year contract. i know at this location, they are union and they start new grads at $27.50. plus all the differentials night and evenings. Call the Education center for Virtua health and they can give you all the details for their educational grants