Info on NCLEX rating on Mountainside Nursing School

  1. Hello Everyone.
    Just wanted to see how this schol is. Right now i'm a full time chef and i'm looking to change careers. If anyone has any info on Mountainside Nursing school or any other programs that are similiar please let me know.
    What is the going rate for a newly graduating RN??

    Thanks in advance for the info.
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  3. by   Kattabba
    I had a friend that "flunked" out of Mountainside -- they are very competative and required an 80% average to "pass." It may sound like "no big deal" -- but trust me -- it is VERY challenging! I also know that it is relatively expensive.

    She ended up with me at Passaic County Community College (Sussex) -- she graduated with the rest of us.

    I would highly recommend checking into Passaic, Bergen Cnty, or CCM if you want a "traditional" 2 year RN program.

    I know UMDNJ offers an accelerated program.

    It was funny - when I decided to make my career change I was working as an administrative assistant. I called Morristown Memorial and asked what the starting salary for nurses was -- they told me 28. I thought to myself, 28K a year is what I make now - why the heck am I going to go through 2 years of hell?? So I asked 28K a year?? The woman said - no, $28/hr!!

    That made a difference!! I just graduated in December and will be working at Morristown -- the starting rate for new grads is $29.75 - plus I will be working the night shift - so I get a $3.50 shift differential -- that means I will bemaking $33.25/hr.

    If I work 36 hours a week (3, 12 hr shifts) I would make $62K a year!!

    Good luck!