HEALTH Insurance for per diem nurses?

  1. Does anyone know of any groups that per diem nurses in NJ can join to get more affordable health insurance? The rates for individuals are outrageous. Also, I am new and have lots to learn, in every area. Should I get my own liability insurance? Any recommendations there? Thank you!
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  3. by   linda1959
    I don't know about health insurance (I would shop around) but absolutely get your own liability insurance. You can pick up a good policy through Nursing Service Organization for $100.00 a year. While some employers cover their workers, it doesn't help you if your employer finds you in the wrong and refuses to legally stand up for you.
  4. by   JMBGRN
    Thanks for the info. I did purchase liability policy but I'm still looking for more affordable, quality health insurance. I'm surprised, that with all the per diem nurses, there is no group for us to join to get better rates?
  5. by   SteveNNP
    Run a google search for private individual health insurance plans...

    I found a plan through BCBS for about $120/mo. (granted I am a healthy nonsmoker young male)