Good Places for new grads to work..

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has any insights on good places to work as a new grad MEANING the hospital provides a GOOD training program. I graduated in May and started working at a smaller hospital 1 hour away from BECAUSE I thought the training would be good but its not and I'm very disappointed. I have a ton of hospitals around me - Jersey Shore, St. Bara bas Monmouth Medical, Riverview was wondering if anyone had heard anything good about these places for new grads.. --

    I see in another post that St. Barnabas Monmouth medical sounds good..

    any advice would be appreciated I just don't feel "safe" where I'm at now.
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  3. by   EnergizerNurse
    Are you now working at a Magnet hospital?

    What was orientation like? What about your preceptorship?
  4. by   healer27
    Hi energizer nurse,

    yup, i'm at a Magnet hosptial. My orientation has been more like here just handle it on your own, which is why i'm not thrilled. I went into a INTERNSHIP program because I wanted a little extra guidance at first. I will be starting with a new preceptor shortly so I'm hoping that will help. If not I'll be looking elsewhere..
  5. by   NurseyPoo
    It sounds a bit like your preceptor is the problem here. See if your new preceptor changes your mind. Does the new preceptor know that you were not happy and want to learn more? I know that as a new grad it is really exciting and nerve racking. I was a float nurse and had several preceptors initially. Some were fantastic and others were horrible. When do you start with your new preceptor? And, how much longer do you have before you are set free to be officially on your own? Have you been in this "Intern Program" since May? That seems like a long time.
  6. by   EnergizerNurse
    I agree -- your new preceptor may be the hook that will keep you at your current hospital. Please keep us informed.