Fairleigh Dickinson ABSN program for 2013

  1. Is anyone else applying to Fairleigh Dickinson for entrance in 2013? Or currently enrolled there? What are your thoughts on the program- what interested you and why?

    I'm considering applying there for entrance in 2013. I visited the campus and thought the school was beautiful! I'd love to hear what current and future students think. Thanks!
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  3. by   Jaena Ahn
    Hello Arickli,
    I am thinking to apply ABSN program in FDU for entrance in 2013.
    If you hear any information for ABSN program, can you share with me? If you do not mind.

    Thank you
  4. by   Jrsweet
    I was just accepted for the 2year program for fall 2013! price is a concern though- anyone in the program know anything about the transfer scholarship/ how easy it is to get financial aid??
  5. by   jc89
    Hi Everyone!

    I just got accepted to the 1 year program for summer of 2013.
    I was wondering if any of you guys are coming from out of state and wanted to know where to look for apartments as I will be a commuter.
  6. by   YitzchakDavid
    I got in and just confirmed my seat for the fall 2013 class. Expense is a worry, but just think about the benefits in the end that is what partially drove my decision.
  7. by   amethyst925
    Does anyone know precisely what the actual tuition and fees for the one-year program are? I wasn't able to find it anywhere on the website. Also, is it possible to work during this program? Thanks!!

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