CNA Lesson Plan Needed

  1. I am in the process of opening a CNA school. I need a lesson plan. Anyone here who has a valid plan or can devise a plan for me, please send me a message.

    You could email me directly [please PM member]

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   unionlady1
    What county are you starting in? I may be able to help you with your lesson plan. Email me if interested.
  4. by   icebergtec
    Hello Unionlady,

    Thanks for the response of offer to help. I am looking to start in South Jersey (Camden/Burlington Counties) or Central Jersey (Somerset /middlesex County. You may [please PM member]
    I look forward to hearing from you to discuss how you could assist me.

    Thanks in advance,

    M. Bah
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  5. by   jkbeducation
    Do you still need help with your lesson plans? We recently got ours approved from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services.
  6. by   icebergtec
    Hello Jk,

    Yes, yes! I still do need help. You would be a God send if you could help me out.
    Which county or town will you be setting up?

    You could reach me via email: I'll provide my phone number then.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. by   RNintraining72

    I just graduated from a school in Newark for certified cna that has a 98% passing rate. I still have the syllabus and the book they use for their training program. I am a medical assistant and a nursing student so the program was quite simple to me. You're more than welcome to these materials if you like! Anything I can do to help you welcome to contact me.
  8. by   SquirrelNurseRN
    I would be interested in viewing the program, just started teaching a program, please email
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  9. by   lazzee
    Hi there my name is Tina, I once lived in NJ but have moved to AZ and looking to start a CNA program here. Are you willing to share? Bellow you will find what I need and what AZ requires. Thanks! If I ever can help you with info let me know. I have tons of info on MDS 3.0
    1. A description of the program that includes the length of the program (minimum of 120 hours), number of hours of clinical and classroom instruction, and program goals consistent with federal, state, and if applicable, private postsecondary requirements. The program shall provide a description that is consistent with the purpose, goals, and objectives of a parent institution, if any.
    2. Qualifications of other professionals that will help teach the course.
    3. Sample of the Infection Control unit and the Resident Rights unit in the program curriculum, consistent with R4-19-802 (pages 26 and 27 of this document). Please see the Board approved curriculum for an example, and page 15 of this document for a sample of the recommended format.
    4. Copy of policies with effective and review dates for review of policies consistent with R4-19-801 including:
    A. Student attendance ensuring that a student receives 120 hours of instruction or the equivalent of 120 hours;
    B. Student grading, requiring that a student either attain at least 75% on each theoretical exam, or 75% on a comprehensive theoretical exam;
    C. Test retake, if retake tests are allowed, informing students that a retake test:
    1. Addresses the competencies tested in the original test,
    2. Contains different items from the original test, and
    3. Is documented in the student's record;
    D. Student record maintenance including information regarding records retention, retention period, records location, and documents required under R4-19-801 (D)(5) and (6);
    E. Instructor supervision of students in the clinical area, providing for:
    1. A method to contact the instructor that ensures the instructor is available as needed;
    2. Instructor rounds for each student according to patient or resident need and student ability;
    3. Direct observation and documentation of student performance, consistent with course and clinical objectives; and
    4. Only activities related to the direct supervision of students during the clinical session.
    F. Student fees and financial aid, if any;
    G. Dismissal, advanced placement consistent with R4-19-801(B)(4), and withdrawal policies;
    H. Student grievance policy, including a chain of command for grade disputes;
    I. Admission requirements, including any criminal background or drug testing required;
    J. Program completion criteria; and
    K. Notification of Board requirements for certification, including the criminal background check requirement, before enrolling a student.
    1. Sample certificate of completion that contains the following:
    A. The name and classroom location of the program;
    B. The number of classroom and clinical hours in the program;
    C. The number of traineeship hours, if any;
    D. The end date of the program;
    E. The program number, if known; and
    F. The signature of the program coordinator, instructor, or the supervisor of the program coordinator or instructor.
    1. Textbook author, name, year of publication, and publisher consistent with R4-19-802(E) including the year the textbook has been published (required to be within the previous five years) and other current resource materials.
    1. Copy of student course evaluation form.
    1. Facility based programs: Affidavit executed by program coordinator of a Medicare or Medicaid certified long term care facility affirming that the program does not require a student to pay a fee for any portion of the program including testing (attached).
    1. Independent and school based programs: copies of contracts with cooperating agencies.
    1. Implementations plan and timeline for starting the course.
    1. Copy of skills checklist. Description of classroom(s) and clinical laboratory including equipment for practicing all mandated skills.
    1. [FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman]Only school and independent programs that meet Board criteria may have more that one classroom site under a single program approval and program number.
  10. by   lazzee

    Are you willing to share your program policy and procedures? Thanks