CNA Classes at BRMC in Paramus

  1. Hello Everyone!
    First I would like to Thank everyone for all of the information provided...I've learned so much and I'm very grateful...
    I've tried searching information about BRMC's CNA Classes but I don't see anything unless I missed it.
    If anyone can provide information about this program I would appreciate it so much...especially if you've attended the classes...I know the hours, cost and duration of the program but would like more information..
    1) Are the classes worth the cost?
    2) Are you practically guaranteed a job at BRMC once you pass the program?
    3) What is the starting pay for a CNA with no experience who has attended their program?
    4) Is it a good place to work?
    5) Do they give you your license once you pass?

    My goal is to eventually change careers and start with the CNA program on a part/time basis to see how it works out for me and if everything goes well, than i'll go for the LPN.
    Thank you all so much for being so informative!
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