Can Anyone Tell Me The Real Role Of A Lpn??

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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I'm a new lpn nursing student. I will be finishing my 1st trimester of classes in two weeks, and I really enjoy it. I love what I'm learning and I enjoy going to clinical, but when I think about being a lpn, I can't imagine what the job is acually going to be like. Does anyone work in the hospital and/or a nursing home as an LPN that can tell me exactly what your day is like? I see what the cna's do, which is kinda what we've been doing too in clinical, and I see what the RN's do, and I know we can't do everything they do. So, I just really need a real persective on this job.
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]My clinical teacher is a RN, and I think she forgets that we are LPN students sometimes. I think she teaches us things that the RN's do, and then we have to realise that we wouldn't acually be doing what she's explaining. Thanks!
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  3. by   NJNursing
    At the hospital that I work at the LPN's do almost everything that an RN does. An RN is assigned to cover their patients if they're off the floor or busy in another room. They can't give anything IV push, but can give other meds. I'm pretty sure they can start IV's. I don't know if any work on our ICU, CCU or telemetry floors. I've seen plenty on the med-surg floors.
  4. by   HotmaleSPN
    I can tell you the role of the LPN in the hospital and LTC since I have worked in both. I dont know about other states but NJ its hard to find a Job as an LPN in a hospital, the ones they do have are underpaid and really just a considered a CNA that can pass meds. In long term care you have more of a Nurse title and responsibility. You do the treatments, med passes, assessments, call doctors up, write incident reports, and much more. I am in long term care right now and I like it. I also like the hospital because you learn alot more there, but I make twice as much in LTC so I will stay there for now.