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I was just wondering if anyone knew when we should hear about our letter of intent forms from Burlington College. The suspense is killing me!... Read More

  1. by   beachgirl23
    Hey everyone! I got into BCC nursing program for fall 2013. I got my letter at the end of march. I sent in my $100 deposit and did my background and drug test. Mine was due april 15. They said once you do all that you will hear more info. I was wondering if anyone heard anything yet? I wish everyone good luck and hope to met all of you!
  2. by   laurend11
    I am still waiting on the registration packet that they are supposed to be sending out as well...I'm glad I am not the only one who is still waiting. Can't wait to meet everyone either!
  3. by   beachgirl23
    Good glad i'm not the only one either! Has anyone taken nursing 103 yet? Or is anyone taking it? I am thinking about taking it over the summer
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  4. by   daniela3ballerini
    Hi! I am wondering the same thing about the packets. I was accepted to the fall 2013 program and completed my uds and background check (along with the 100 dollars) almost a month ago. I was thinking about contacting the nursing dept.?

    *** I registered for the summer 1 medication adm. course; I hope to meet some of you!
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  5. by   laurend11
    Does anyone know if we have to take NUR 103 this summer before beginning the program?
  6. by   daniela3ballerini
    I believe that course or the test equivalent has to be completed before the second semester. I am registered for the summer one course