Bloomfield College Nursing Questions!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I'm attending Bloomfield College as a pre-nursing student. I just finished my first semester and going into my second in January. I have a lot of questions(mainly because I'm a worry wort) and I was hoping for some answers. I transferred from Essex County College(rolling my eyes) to BC in the fall, my advisor told me that after my fall semester, I only needed two more classes(AP II and Nutrition) before I could take the TEAS . Sadly both classes were closed for the fall semester(they go like hot cakes) and thankfully I got them for the Spring semester. But I'm wondering how hard are those classes ??? what's the lowest GPA BC will accept in order to get into the nursing program??? Also, how hard is the TEAS? I plan on taking the practice classes that they're offering during the Spring semester as well.

    Btw, what hospital do nursing students take their clinicals??? I thought they took them at umdnj but to my knowledge Rutgers bought them now . Also , I have a 4.0 GPA(i know I know , I need to be diagnosed w. Generalized Anxiety Disorder) . PLEASE I NEED SOME ANSWERS PEOPLE!
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  3. by   QueenLis
    Hey, it seems like I cant get any updated info about BCs nursing program. Are you in the program if so, can you give me any info on it. Ive taken the teas test, completed all i need to just waiting for the email and or call. I want all the info i can get lol
  4. by   miss_tif407
    HI! i have a do the clinicals work ? how are the hours ? because I want to work
  5. by   alexis_brickcity
    Are you accepted into the program ? If so congrats ! For the first semester , you won't have "clinicals" per say , and that's because well you don't know anything lol . You'll have lab , it's 4 hours long. There are different times , it's not like everybody has to take it at the same time. I did Fridays 1-5pm because that's the time I wanted to take it. But other people did Friday mornings from 8am-12pm , others did Monday mornings . It's really all about preference and what times the professors want to do it.