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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

  1. by   ukgirl7655

    Who should I take for A&P II??

    And Develpmtl Psych??

    And Microbiology??
  2. by   moojie
    Quote from ukgirl7655
    That elsevier issue was a disaster! What a mess!! I didn't know it was a widespread thing, I just felt like the "Gods" were against me!! LOL!! I thought for sure Bergen was sabotaging me!
    HAHAHA, This is exactly what I was thinking. I was FUMMING that day! I swore they were sabotaging me as well!, speaks to how badly I want to get in, lol. That should be the exam. Just one question:

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how ENRAGED were you when you got that email from Elsevier?

    *****. Top 90 scores are the winners!
  3. by   fishermanIV
    But the longer you wait, the less chance of getting into that class that you wanted at that certain time. I know that when I registered for level 3, there were only 2 seats left in a certain section....the aggravation never ends..but there is light at the end of the tunnel. ( maybe there's just a house on )
  4. by   moojie
    AP II- Dr. Kanterman. Sweet guy, funny. He gives about 10 short quizzes and 4 or 5 exams and a midterm lab practical. Everything so far has been fair. A heads up, start studying for the Nervous System exam two weeks before. There is a lot on there, but this test is the only one that is that thorough.

    Dev. Psych- I can tell you who not to take, Mangazini. I personally have loved all my professors at Bergen, and find that students that complain about them are mostly slackers, but even my Honors Program cronies can not stand her class. Apparently she likes to ask arbitrary questions and gives an unreasonable amount of course work.

    Microbio- I am taking this in the Summer U program with Patel. I hear he is pretty good
  5. by   ukgirl7655
    MOOJIE -- I seriously almost cried about it!! Hahah!! Like, for real-for real! I was at work (studying in my cubicle mind you) when the whole thing went down!! I was fit to be tied!!!!!!!!!!! I had some "choice words" for a few people so it is a good thing I couldn't get anyone to call me back! I would have talked myself right out of the running!! was a bad day! Only to then get it worked out for my early test date,....only to THEN find out I had a whole 'nother month! But in all truth, I'm glad I got itout of the way in March cause I took the test, went to bed, woke up and fly to Nashville for my bachelorette party...and now all I can do is wait. So all-in-all it's fine...well, as long as I get in ;-)
  6. by   ukgirl7655
    Crap!!! I can't register yet!!!! It won't let me!!!........I guess I'll call on Monday to jump thru more oops and find out when I can start registering!! They'll prolly tell me the cut off was last week
  7. by   moojie
    I was at home when I got that email. My cell phone would not let me dial the "press one for a testing center, zero for an operator" etc while I was in the call. WHAT! I was sooooooo upset. You wanna hear madness? I called my husband's sergeant and told him to tell my husband to call me because it was an "emergency". When he called me thought I was going to beat someone, I was that mad. I had him call the allied health office and nursing office and tell them to call me so I could explain these shenanigans. And then they told him they could not do that and HE got enraged. *****. But finally we worked it out so I could call three way(in retrospect that was overkill hahaha) But, at least in the end I got some more time to study for it, so I can not complain now. LOL.

    I am so glad there are other people who went through the same things I did. I feel less insane. Haha.
  8. by   moojie
    Quote from ukgirl7655
    Crap!!! I can't register yet!!!! It won't let me!!!........I guess I'll call on Monday to jump thru more oops and find out when I can start registering!! They'll prolly tell me the cut off was last week
    How is your GPA? If it is over 3.5, get into the honors program and you can register the same day. Just go to the office(I forget which one...3rd floor, it's online) and tell them you want to sign up. They will check your GPA and give you something to show the person at the desk in registration so you can register. Words of warning, if it does not come up right away that you can register that same day(reg. started April 19th and athletes/honors students get first dibs), show the person at the desk in the registration room your letter from the Honors program and have them over-ride it.

    I really like the courses in the Honors program. The classes are small, and they do not give you any more work than a regular class, it is just the quality of the discussion is so much better. You only need 4 honors courses if you are in an Allied Health program to get an honors diploma, six for any other major
  9. by   ukgirl7655
    Oh wow!! I got an A in both courses I took at BCC (A&P and Chem)...but can't I do any of this online?!?!? I can't get out of work in time to get there in person on week days =*(

    That is HILARIOUS!!! Hahaha!! I was callin my fiance at his work that whole day tellin him about the madness too!! More so to just whine and complain because no one at Bergen would call me back so I couldn't complain to them!! LOL!! My fiance was pretty heated to tho, cause he knew all I had been goin thru just to GET to that point!!!! He would offer advise such as, "Well, you need to call them and tell them this is unacceptable...", I then explained to them that unacceptable is standard procedure there and this was pretty much par for the course based on my experience so far. But I did call and they did give me the shaft. How funny that we were wiggin out at the same time and thinking it was an isolated event!! Had I known others were goin thru the same thing I would have felt SO much better!! Safety in numbers, right ?! ;-) Haha!!

    I keep tellin myself that allthat bullcrap wouldn't have happened if in the end I wasn't to get in...things happen for a reason and alllllll that had to happen to make me appreciate that much more once I did get in!! LOL!! Here's to hopin'!!!!! I will get in, I will get in, I will get in.........

    .....I will get in, I will get in, I will get in......

  10. by   moojie
    Hmmm. You know I am not sure if you can do it online? Try emailing Prof. Makoweicka, her email should be online. Perhaps she can access your info herself and then leave your form somewhere you can pick it up? They are awfully nice up there. And about what you said of the dysfunction of this school: WERD. And the biggest offender: the Financial Aid Office. LOL.
  11. by   fishermanIV
    If you have any problems with admissions, contact elsa valcarcel @ is the nicest person to deal with..she saved me a seat in the nursing program because I was having trouble with my paperwork..i don't know her tele # offhand, but it's in the directory. Just remember when dealing with anyone at BCC, they deal with a lot of people who are only there to satisfy their parents and don't have all the info needed, so they tend to get ******..just have all your info & kill 'em with kindness..they will go out of their way..IF YOU'RE NICE
  12. by   ukgirl7655
    I'm from the south so being SUPER nice is part of my breeding ;-) I have actually dealt with her a few times but she is one of the ones who never responds!!! Last year I sent about 4 e-mails over the course of 2 weeks, called twice and eventually had to go in there before I heard "boo" from her. I know they are really busy, that I can appreciate, but the blatant disregard is what gets me...but i will definitely give it another shot! I don't really have a choice anyway!! =) Thanks for the suggestion!!

    Moojie, I'll hollar at prof M too!! Thank YOU for the suggestion as well!! As for financial aid...that's a whole 'nother issue for me.....I don't qualify for any aide and I don't even know where to begin with student loans either! I was fortunate enough to have my BA paid for by my dad so I haven't had to go thru the process before. Do either of you know any pros/cons on the various options out there? I worked in banking for 4 years and still don't know!! Haha!!
  13. by   moojie
    The loans now go through the federal government Which I think is fantastic btw! Try to get a subsidized loan. Interest does not start to accrue until 6 months after you graduate. The cap for this year is 3500 I think for subsidized, but this is increasing every year for the next 5 or so years. Do not get a private loan if you can help it, the interest rates tend to be higher. Did you complete the FAFSA? If not, do that ASAP. Then you have to do an online Master Promissory(sp?) Note and entrance counseling. It is a bit of a pain, but well worth it. Try to do everything online because you do NOT want to have to go to the Financial Aid office. LOL.
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