BCC Nursing- Accepted once, maybe twice?

  1. Hi All,

    Last year (Spring 2009) I was attending the BCC school, majoring in Nursing. I was taking Microbiology lecture and lab. I had applied to be in the Fall 2010 program.

    To my delight, I was accepted into the program (first time applying!). However, during this same time, my husband had left me and my children and I was not working. So I was faced with a tough decision of either continuing school and having no money to live/support us, or declining my offer and finding a job.

    I ended up declining my offer () obviously. Well, now my husband and I during the past year reconciled, and he is in the military so he actually signed over his school funds to me (Post 911 GI Bill). I owe the school money since I had to withdraw from my classes (not in time for no payment due). Once I pay off the school, I plan to register again for Microbiology.

    And now finally the question for all of you prospective/current Nurses! Do you believe it is possible that they will accept me again if I decide to apply? I'm so worried that they will see I declined the first time and will figure that I will continue to decline. I plan to join the Navy Nurse Corps once I get my acceptance to Nursing school (something I wish I would have known about back in 2009!!), but I'm not sure if someone was in the same type of situation where it was offered to them but they had to decline?

    Any/all comments would be appreciated!
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  3. by   Dreaming1007
    They will accept you again as long as you satisfy the requirements as you intend on doing. I applied to BCC's nursing program and got accepted but I had to decline cause I was deploying. I spoke to the Dean and was told that if I reapply for the next year my declination will not affect my acceptance. Unfortunately, by that time I had moved out of county so I couldn't apply to the program. I did however get into Rutgers which was my number one choice. So just go for it and if you feel like your situation is going to affect the outcome as far as acceptance, talk to someone in the Nursing department. Good Luck!
  4. by   DaddyO
    I would be interested in knowing how this works out for you. I heard of people deferring their acceptance and then going a year or so later.....but I have not heard of anyone declining and then reapplying without having to start from ground zero. I am not saying it is not possible...I just dont know of anyone who has tried this...and would like to hear what happens.

    Have you taken the Accuplacer or the HESI ?

    Lastly, unless things have changed, Microbiology was not necessary for applying...it had to be completed before Level 2, but not when first applying. A&p I and II, Chemistry, two Psych classes and one Soc class are required.
  5. by   el_le
    Hi, I'm new to this, don't know how to post, I got accepted to the day program at bergen county college, I think the evening program suits me better I. Have a son he is a teen and want to be around before he goes away to college. I work in a pediatric emergency it is extremely busy. I would have to go evening shift which even busier. I am thinking of rejecting the offer and reapplying. AM I CRAZY? Someone help me. I am nervous they won't take me in the fall if I resind my acceptance.

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