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  1. I talked to a fa officer from my school yesterday and she told me that the school only participates in the NJ Class Loan program. I went to the HESAA website and researched the qualifications on the loan. I found out that the loan is given based on creditworthiness, income, etc...not financial need. This totally stops me from applying for the loan because I don't have an income, I'm a SAHM and my dh is the only one that works. Why would a school participate in a loan program that isn't based on financial need...that's what financial aid is for......isn't it???? I am going to call the fa office again this morning and talk to a supervisor...this just has to be incorrect information...

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  3. by   LuvEnjoyLife
    Hi fnimat1,
    I hear u, if you're talking about ECC then the NJ Class loan is a joke. No Financial aid. This is crazy. I'm in my last pre-req course AP II and has paid out of pocket for all of my classes. I am 27,000 in debt from getting my BS in Networking from another school but it would have helped to received some help to continue my education. My husband and I work fulltime, we have one son, and I don't qualify for financial aid. But this school don't even offer Stafford loans when applying for financial aid.
    I recently told my NET and waiting for the results. This waiting is killing me.
    Finances are stressful and waiting for results does not help!!

    Good luck in all that you do.