Anyone in my predictament? What are your chances of getting in? - page 2

I know everyone at one time or another has felt that they may not get into nursing school. I have been reading some of the posts in the NJ forum where some people didn't get into a BSN program b/c... Read More

  1. by   cedavid22
    did you check out rutgers nursing? if you go in, you can ask what your chances are. they have a 2nd degree program now, too. i graduated from rutgers in '99 & went back to rutgers nursing in '01 & had absolutely no problem getting in. my GPA was OK..not greater than 3.5, though. the application process was easy, because they had easy access to my transcripts. i say talk to someone there, b/c they can be very helpful. & if you graduated from rutgers economics...they'll see that you're a smart cookie. also, i agree with an early poster...try to bring up your GPA with the pre-req's. good luck!
  2. by   NJNursing
    Everywhere has high demands on nursing programs. Everyone knows that everyone is hiring and that hospitals are paying pretty good money these days. I was lucky to get in before it really got hot and was grandfathered into Mercer Co College even though I'm from Burlington County. To me it was harder to get into the community college than it was for me to get into Drexel University for my BSN. I graduated with a 2.95 and evidently it was good enough to get in for Drexel.