Anyone fighting to get into a nursing program in ocean county?

  1. I have applied to OCVTS to their LPN program. I have been accepted and may be attending this September. I am at OCC right now and I am finished with my pre-reqs for them. With the Kean partnership I only have 2 more pre-reqs to finish for the Bachelors so that all I would need to take are nursing classes. I applied to Stockton College as well because they just started an enry level BSN program. I was just wondering if anyone else was at OCC just waiting to get into the nursing program. What is your date of completion and how long have you been waiting to get in? I also need some advice. Since I have a couple of doors open for me, which option would you recommend to me given your own past experiences. If I go to LPN school it would only take me 1 year and I could still remain on the list for OCC until they send me a letter accepting me into their program. If I go to Stockton its going to take me 4 more years from September to complete my degree. I have enough credits to get my AS-Gen studies-Social Science degree from OCC this Spring so that if I go to Stockton they will take my entire degree. If I get accepted into OCC's program this September then that would be great because I could graduate in two years and then transition into Kean's program and all I would have to do is complete the nursing classes. The advantage to going to LPN school is that I have already been accepted and I know for sure that I can start school this September. I can also be working and make sure that I am going to like nursing, gain some experience, get some benefits, and save some money (instead of just taking college classes and not gaining any experience). I am interested in hearing what all of you think.
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