Any Staffing Agencies in NJ

  1. Hello,

    Does any one know of any staffing agencies who place new nurses to nursing homes/hospital in NJ on contracts...

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  3. by   SteveNNP
    Check out I don't know if they allow new grads to work for them. I would seriously consider working FT as a hospital/NH employee at least for a while before doing agency. Most places have awful short (read: hours) orientations, and they expect you to hit the ground running. You need a structured orientation and learning environment to make it as a new grad...

    Best of luck!

  4. by   Jaineye
    Try onwardhealtcare and Staff Blue. and i think stevern21 is right work for a hospital first to get some experience.
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  5. by   katieb710
    I agree with the fact that new nurses should orient in a hospital however with most hospitals not hiring new nurses its very difficult to find a job and our loans are now due. Its quite a bad climate for new nurses right now in NJ.