Any Center for Allied Health Jan. 2012 Students?? Or past students?

  1. Hi Guys!!!

    I got accepted into the Center for Allied Health for January 2012!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time its been a long time since I've been inside of a classroom. I just wanted to know if there was anyone else entering into the same program, or if any past students can tell me what to expect.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   jodi10187
    I also got accepted to class of 2012 for the day program. I'm excited but nervous based on what I have heard from the students who are currently attending. I heard from more than one student that I should "run" or go to another school. This is by far the easiest school to get into, that also begins in January, and can be completed in one year. I'll just study real hard because I know this is something that I want.
  4. by   #wantstobeanurse
    Congrats fellow classmate!!! Do you live in Jersey or Commuting from NY?? I'm commuting
  5. by   jodi10187
    Sry for the late response. I will be commuting from NY but I am definitely thinking abt moving to NJ. I have a daughter who's in school and worried abt not having someone to send her off in the morning.
  6. by   saxqtzk
    I attended the day class between Oct 2010-Oct-2011 and have nothing but good things to say. There's nothing wrong with the school, you control everything by passing all your tests.
    Once you get use to classes and having a test and quiz every week you'll see why some people have complained. They pushed everyone to the limit, and at the end of the day it helps everyone.
    I'm a perfect example... Passed their exit, and pass the NCLEX today. First try.

    Good luck to you guys and if you drive there you'll soon find out about those damn $22 parking tickets and also if you're lucky enough you'll discover that there are some broken parking meters that you don't have to pay all day.
  7. by   VickyRN
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  8. by   Nursegunz
    Good luck with this school. They promote failing once you get into 3rd trimester. Save yourself while u can.
  9. by   saxqtzk
    Are you sucking your thumb and saying that at the same time? Who cares if someone is promoting failure? You determine if you fail or not. They weren't sitting next to me when I was studying telling me I couldn't do it. We're all adults here, you'll pass if you want to put in the time and dedication.