accelerated bsn program at njcu in jersey city, nj

  1. Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you have a very high GPA in your prerequisites? Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   NJRNtobe
    Hi Joanne,

    I haven't been through the program but I did apply to the program for the Communiversity location this year. If you're anything like me, you're chewing your fingernails off waiting for letters to go out.

    I've made a few phone calls, and as far as I know, the cost of the program will be about 25k...much cheaper than the others in the area. This includes books and the cost of uniforms and supplies (ie.stethoscopes).

    From what I understand, the Communiversity location will be very competitive based on the fact that the nearest ABSN in the area next to it is Seton Hall, and that program costs about 55k.

    I'm not sure how they're rating the GPA's. It said something about a 3.0 being preferred, but I'm not sure how strict that is. Most accelerated nursing programs are pretty competitive because it's a different variety of students from different backgrounds. If the average GPA is a 3.5, then 3.0 probably won't get you far. IN the same token, if the averages are lower than 3.0's based on the students, then that might be a good thing.

    Did you take your HESI exam yet? I did and from what they told me, they're looking for a cumulative grade of at least an 80 to stay competitive. I think that's going to play a major role in acceptance too.

    If it's true that you do have a lower than average GPA, and it's from a few years ago, then scoring higher in your pre-req's will definitely show them you are a different student now with better study habits and such.

    Hope this helps....let me know if you hear anything....
  4. by   birdgardner
    I'm not sure if they're accredited yet or still in the process of applying. But if you want to continue your education after the BSN, that will matter - and accreditation is not retroactive.
  5. by   NJRNtobe
    I was told that they did receive their accreditation. I didn't look very far into it, so I suppose you're right and I should, but I did speak to someone in the department who said they were.
  6. by   birdgardner
    According to this they are accredited.
  7. by   JerseyGuy
    UMDNJ in Newark also has an Accelerated BSN half the price of NJCityUniversity in Jersey City.
  8. by   JerseyGuy
    UMDNJ in Newark also has an Accelerated BSN half the cost of Seton Hall, and probably similar price to JerseyCity State University (or whatever they are calling themselves these days).
  9. by   NJRNtobe
    Jersey Guy,

    I saw you post something about collecting unemployment while you were taking your pre-req's....something about a critical occupation change. Is this still applicable if you're in an accelerated program? I'm not real familiar with unemployment law, but I was under the impression you couldn't collect if you were a full time student. I'd appreciate any help. You can PM me also as to no monopolize the thread....

  10. by   JerseyGuy
    Hi NJRNtobe: thot I'd reply here, in case others are interested. Your local Unemployment Office (called "One-Stop" now, I think), can tell you if the program is still available. It's called "ATB", for Additional Training Benefits. Basically, if you lose your job thru no fault of your own (eg: no misconduct, but a layoff or job elimination, etc), in addition to the regular 26-weeks (6 mos) of UC that everyone gets, you can submit for approval (by meeting with a counselor there), for "ATB". It's an additional (and final) 26-weeks/6 mos of long as u are in school full-time, and changing your career into something on NJ's Hot Job List. RN is DEF on that list. Plus you might qualify for tuition waiver at NJ State college or community college (but NOT UMDNJ's Accel Nursing program), for tuition only (not books/fees) for your pre-reqs. Again, the job counselor has to pre-approve this for you. Only "hitch", and it's not really a that you have to wait until like 5-7 days before the semester starts at your local comm college to register for classes. Idea behind that is they don't want a person on waiver to 'take/fill' a seat that a paying student might fill.

    Hope this helps. If I can help you further, drop me another line. Be glad to give you my cell number, but don't want the "rest of the viewing world" to see it. So we'd have to figure that out....if you need more info than can easily be typed on here.

    I got tuition waiver for ALL my pre-reqs (worth around $1800), plus a whole year of Unemployment, while I was in school in 2006. And it was ALL LEGIT.

    Take care.....
  11. by   NJ2008
    Has anyone who applied to the MAY 2008 semester been accpeted yet? If so, what was your first degree in and what kind of GPA did you have? I applied to the Fall semester and I really hope to get in becasue this school is the most affordable one that I have found.

    Also, I heard that you have to take the HESI exam to get in. What is this exam, is it similar to the NLN pre admission exam?
  12. by   NJRNtobe
    Hi NJ...I was accepted for the May cohort. I think we're starting May 12th. My first degree was in Biology from Rowan and I had a decent GPA (3.0) ...nothing unbelievable. But my pre-req grades were very good. I didn't have to take them over because they were all part of my major.

    The HESI exam is an admission test that's supposed to test your aptitude in different areas of basic skills (reading, writing, math). In addition, NJCU has elected that you take the sections on A&P I and II, Bio I & II, and Chem I & II. The test isn't really hard, but it does require you brush up on your basic skills. Even though I've taken up to Calc II in college, if I hadn't looked over how to multiply and divide fractions again, I would have been lost.

    There's a study guide (Hesi Admission Assessment) you can buy for $25 at any major book retailer, and I can tell you the questions come right out of the guide, so it's in your best interest to get it. Read it cover to cover and you'll be fine.

    Also, be careful because there are several different types of HESI. One is for admission, and one is for the NCLEX. The test is supposed to be an accurate description of your aptitude and the school puts a lot of stock into it, so it's in your best interest to do well.

    And you're right, I've researched all the schools in the area and this one is by far the most cost effective.

    Good luck!
  13. by   NJ2008
    Has anyone who applied for the fall 2008 semester at New Jersey City University, heard anything back yet? I applied almost two months ago and I still have not heard anything back from them. It seems like they are taking a very long time. That probably means I'll be getting a rejection letter.
  14. by   Love840207
    ^^ People usually get rejection letter fast.