New Jersey Nurses, Quick Question?

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So I recently passed the NcLeX and am now awaiting my license number. My question is can people tell me how long it took them to get their license number, not there actual license, but their RN Number and any suggestions on how to get it sooner. I have a job lined up and kind of need it as soon as I can and any suggestions would be much appreciated...

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It will take weeks post nclex for the number to even show on the NJBON site. Your best bet is driving to Newark about a week after you pass to tell them you need your number. I did that and it was online by the end of the day.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the advice and anything you can tell me is noted!!!

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So I took your advice and waited a week to call and they gave me the run around but out of nowhere got my license randomly posted on the NJ DOCA website 9 days after passing the NCLEX. So all is good.

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