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New Jan 2015 cohort


Hey previous DSN students,


I applied for the Jan 2015 Cohort and I am desperately seeking ANY input advice on DSN cheap parking since I will have to drive there sometimes, what the school schedule looks like, scholarships/grants etc and study tips because I am freaking out since I have two little ones that need alot of attention with school work and am just scared that I am going to get overwhelmed with all the school work that I wont have any time for them...:drowning:

Also for the following January 2015 cohort class - my interview is Sept 17 so all let you know how that goes, but if anyone is interested in maybe being a study group when we start, or maybe carpooling, questions etc. I dont mind you contacting me at Blanca.casillas@uch.edu.

tbjenkins2007, BSN

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I am still waiting to find out if i get an interview. Its killing me.

also, its probably cheaper to park and ride the bus in, it is literally down town right by Beta. I chose this school partly for its location! ha ha. i plan on riding the bus in as often as possible

Good luck with your interview!

Hi guys! I am currently a Quarter 2 BSN student at DSN! Parking is ROUGH, because the campus is right on Market St. There is a parking lot right across the street from the building, where it is $8/all day before 9 am, and $10/all day after 9 am. If there is a Rockies game, it is $30/all day. There are meters, and for the most part I have found that they are available, $1/hr. The limit is 2 hours, but we all park there for 4+ hours with no issues. There are a couple of parking lots/garages around that have monthly fees. One is right across from Coors Field (I think about 3 blocks from campus) and it is $40/month, but there is no parking during day Rockies games, and you have to be out by 4 pm for night games.

I can't speak for your schedule, bc I do not know if you will be ADN or BSN, and the schedule changes quarter to quarter and cohort to cohort. As a BSN student that had already taken Patho (it's part of the BSN Q1 curriculum), I was on campus ALL day Wednesday (7:30 am to 5:30 pm) and two hours Friday morning for lab.

There is a small scholarship available dependent on HESI scores. Hopefully the financial aide officer should tell you about this at your first meeting.

Work load first quarter is not too bad, especially if you don't have to take Patho (I highly recommend doing this ahead of time if you have the chance). Quarter 2 is KICKING MY BUTT. I have 2+ exams every week, plus quizzes, 50+ drug cards, etc busy work. Just stay on top of your work. Any busy work you can do ahead of time when you have down time, DO IT. Take advantage of how slow the first couple weeks are, because the last 4 are insane.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions you think of!


Thanks so much for your response because it REALLY helps out alot because I am super scared of just everything: starting this new journey and messing-up big time :nailbiting: but am also hesitant about the cost for the program 56K and not including any scrubs, books etc. OMG and how much more do we have to pay for all that.And worst of all I've heard some New RN haven't been able to find a job right after they graduate.:arghh: DenverNStudent if you dont mind me asking how much are you paying for the BSN? and so far how are you liking DSN?

Hi Blanca,

Congrats on getting into DSN! Would love to hear how your interview went. I have mine in a few weeks. What part of town do you live in? I live in South Denver. Concerned a bit about the commute. especially on snow days. Wondering if the light rail is best option to getting downtown. Anyone have any suggestions?

***I just saw this post was old, but here is my 2-cents worth if anyone else has the same questions!***

I am getting ready to begin my 5th quarter of the BSN program tomorrow!

I do park just north of Coors Field. It is $3, but you cannot park there if there is a game in the afternoon and have to have your car out of the lot 2-1/2 hours before evening game time (I think). There are just time that I have to pay the $20 to park due to the games. I have always been turned down when trying to apply for the monthly parking pass, as I am told there are not any available.

It is very hard to tell you what your schedule will look like. They change every quarter, plus it depends on off-site and on-site clinical times. I also have children (3 of them), and I am gone a lot. There is just no way around it. My kids have been amazing about giving me time to study, and I try to do my homework/studying around them so that we are at least in the same room. They know this is temporary and they are my biggest cheerleaders!

For study tips --- do not get behind! Yes, there is a lot of work and you just have to pace yourself and do it! The teachers do want you to succeed, but they can only do so much. One of my teachers had us take a test on what is your learning style, and I would recommend this before starting school (I did this the start of quarter 3). Knowing how I learn kept me from wasting my time studying in a way that was not beneficial to me. This teacher also told us do not concentrate on reviewing questions that you know - even though it feels good to get the answers right -- get rid of those questions/topics and focus on what you do not know!

Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions!