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New hospital case management position


Ok, all the hospital case management experts, I just landed a job as a case manager at a hospital in North Florida. What can I expect in this position. I have been doing home health for the past two years. Give me all the pros and cons. Thanks


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I just had my one month anniversary in case management and love it! I have a background in patient care and administration. I love being back with patients, families, drs and nurses in a team enviroment. The con so far? The never ending FAXING! Overall I love it.

thanks, it's good to hear that people are satisfied with their jobs, things are so different now for nursing.


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I have been a hospital case manager, and am now a Field case manager for an insurance company. I enjoy both sides.

The challenge as a Hospital Case Manager is to understand the various insurance, medicare, and medicaid rules/regs. Also, being caught at times between Admin/Physician/Providers. Some Insurance company reps are rude and obnoxious, like the CM that yelled that the entire state budget defecit was my fault because I would not force the physician to make an ICU patient a DNR so "nature could take it's course."

As a field Case Manager, my least favorite part of the job is the anger and hostility that some hospital case Manager's have towards all providers. Remember that the Field Case Manager does not approve or deny cases! That decision is per guidelines of the Company Medical Directors. All Field Case Managers are not evil, please judge each of us on our own merits.