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So I have 5 years of cv pcu (post op cv surgeries as our target population) experience and almost 1 year of per diem er experience and I'm looking to transfer into hhc as a per diem employee. There :-D an opening with the same company that owns the hospital I work at for hhc and I know we have a lot of private hhc companies in the area. I've done alot of reading up on hhc and from what I understand the downfalls can be tons of paperwork and not a lot of training up front. Would starting at a hospital based hhc be better for getting training even if they don't pay as well? From what I gather at this company they have nurses that do visits and then separate nurses that do oasis. I'm not sure which they would hire me as but I'd like experience in both right? They pay 38.43 a visit but the hr lady wasn't sure what kind of visits that's for. I remember taking to another nurse that worked for a private hhc that said she made at least 45 for a regular visit, more for an admission, but is it worth the lack of training that seems to be common in those companies? Any advice? By the way this is in Florida...I know pay is different around the country.

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