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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

  1. by   peanut901
    Thank you I'm going to call Monday to make an appointment with financial aid. Did they mention anything to you about applying for scholarships?
  2. by   tmhart
    No nothing really about scholarships just a website that you can go to that has scholarships you can apply to.. you can apply for FASFA and see if you get a grant and then I also qualified for a government loan but i still need $5600 of my own money for this year. If they havent sent you a packet yet they will and it has financial aid info and also information about uniforms and things you need to take care of before orientation... do you live far from school?
  3. by   peanut901
    I live about 10-15 minutes away. I got the packet today but haven't really looked at the detail of the uniforms yet. How do we pay for the first year yet if we haven't made our schedules? haha
  4. by   tmhart
    When I went in for my financial aid meeting she went over which classes I needed to take in order to come up with my tuition.
  5. by   Jschroder
    Nothing yet.... I scored over 70 in every section, but haven't heard. I am patiently waiting. Congrats for getting in! I hope it isn't full....
  6. by   peanut901
    Hi everyone!
    Jschroder, have you heard anything yet?
    Tmhart, I went to see the lady in the financial aid department. She was super helpful. I'm anxious to get a letter or what books we need to buy to see what we'll be doing during our first year
  7. by   Jschroder
    I had an interview last week. We shall see! Did you accept?
  8. by   peanut901
    Thanks awesome!! Yes, I sent in my deposit.
  9. by   tmhart
    @peanut901 Im super excited as well! I cant wait to start. Not sure what books we'll need yet, but Iv been looking into which stethoscope and other supplies to get.
  10. by   peanut901
    I can see myself delaying in getting the scrubs so I'm going to try to set a date to get everything done haha Are you going to get your associates as well? The financial advisor gave me an estimate without that class but I think I want to take that class during the first year since the second year will be harder..
  11. by   tmhart
    No im not getting my associates because then I'd have to take almost all the non nursing classes over and I don't want to do that. Once I graduate I'll apply to a RN to BSN program.
  12. by   tmhart
    Jschroder have u heard anything yet?!?
  13. by   Jschroder
    I got in but am going to go to Bergen instead. I have a scholarship there and they are doing a bsn program through Kean. Good luck!