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So who is applying for nursing school this year? And where are you applying? I am applying to Concord Tech, Manchester Community(if they ever stop fighting with me) and Great Bay. GOOD LUCK TO... Read More

  1. by   DCoffill
    Welcome live to serve! This site is awesome! I just got accepted to MMC, and I know that the people on the waitlist have a greta chance at getting into the program. the fact that you have a&p 1 completed is very good, what was you composite score on your NLN? People who got acceptance letters only have till the 26th to submit thier deposit to hold thier spots, so anyone who had not paid on time will lose thier spots making them available to the people on the waitlist. People apply yo sa many porgrams and often get accepted to all they applied to but they can only choose one, therefor freeing up thos other spots. So goodluck!!
  2. by   livetoserve
    Hi DCoffil,
    My composite score was 128. When you say the 26th do you mean March 26th? It would be nice to know sooner than May 1st if wait becomes a yes. The letter I got said to call AFTER May 1st to find out more about the wait list status but I don't think I can wait that long without annoying everyone around me. Does anyone know how many people are on the wait list?

    Congrats to you on getting accepted ..
    hopefully those of us here that are on the wait list will be starting with you in the Fall.
  3. by   ashleynick2000
    Welcome Livetoserve!
    I'm on the wait list also for MCC. I've emailed Jacquie to see where I fall but haven't heard from her yet. I'm pretty sure if you email her she'll let you know. If nothing else I'll see you on May 20th for that meeting. Dcoffil...will you be at that meeting too or is it just for people on the wait list?
  4. by   DCoffill
    Live, yes I ment the 26th of march..sorry . My papers say I must pay the 100 dollar deposit by the 26th, so i would imagine that shofty after that they would start moving thru the waitlist. Or even now, people who get thier letters and already got accepted to other schools are suppose to call the school and give up thier spot...im not sure if anyone really does that though. oh and 128 on the nln is great. Its actually a point higher than me, meaning the only reason you didn't get right in is because you havent completed a&p 2 yet probably, but they probably took that you were currently taking it in to consideration when they determined your spot on the waitlist.

    Julie, I will be going to the april 30th nursing oreintation( and hopefully you will be invited too!) I didn't get invited to the 20th meeting. Also since the orientation is the 30th of april, maybe thats why they said don't call till may 1st, because i imagine if you don't show up to that even if you already paid your deposit youre out. So maybe may 1st will open more seats.

    If you guys arn't getting the answers you want from emailing the school I suggest going to a nursing information session...that way you will be right there in thier faces asking questions and they can't really turn you away lol, if you go tell when we and ill come support you! Good luck ladies!
  5. by   livetoserve
    Dcoffil, I haven't called or emailed Jaquie yet. The letter I recieved asked us not to call until May 1 so I'm going to wait a while (though not until the 1st, I just can't go that long) I may go to the information session they are having tomorrow to see what I can find out about the wait list and what I can be doing now (other than continuing with my current class). I feel positive and at this point it seems all I can do it keep a positive attitude.

    Julie- Have you heard back from Jaquie yet? Was she able to give you any info on your status?
  6. by   ashleynick2000
    I haven't heard back from her. I've been thinking about calling but I don't want to be a pest. I wish they would have just let us know where we were on the list Lessons in patience I guess. I can't make any of the info sessions with my schedule so if you go can you let me know if you hear anything new? I'd appreciate it.
  7. by   livetoserve
    Hi Julie, Just back from the info session at MCC. This year they had over 500 applicants. Of those 500, 139 were qualified (similar number to last year). Of that 139, 64 were accepted and 25-30 were put on the wait list. Last year in order to fill the 64 seats they did go through the wait list. Jaquie ran the info session. She was not able to tell me the exact spot I am on the wait list but was able to say what 1/3rd I'm in. Hope that helps. She did say that she makes calls to people as the spots open up so if the wait is going to become a yes it could happen at any time. Let's just stay positive.

    Dcoffill/Julie-should we start a new thread for MCC to find others who've been accepted or are on the wait list for the fall of 2010? Feeling like we've hijacked this one.

  8. by   ashleynick2000
    That helps me relax a little bit. I hope it doesn't take long