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New Graduate Opportunities Overseas for Military Spouses?

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I humbly seek assistance locating career opportunities overseas for new graduates.

My active-duty husband was recently selected to become a FAO, but has not yet made a final decision on the position. This decision is pending results on my entry-level nursing career opportunities overseas. Our career paths have prevented us from co-habitating until late 2013 (at the earliest), when we anticipate moving overseas for In-Country Training. I expect to graduate from an ABSN program months prior to this move.

My research yielded the following results:

Employment Overseas

U.S. Embassies offer employment for medical personnel, but the State Department website does not list minimum experience required. Does anyone know whether U.S. Embassies hire new graduate nurses?

Godefense.com states that DoD civilian nurses in entry-level jobs overseas must have one year of specialized experience. Is this one year of specialized experience inflexible?

International aid organizations generally require nurses to have more than one year of experience.

Research Overseas

I am exploring post-graduate research opportunities overseas during my husband's In-Country Training. Should I investigate any specific research scholarships, aside from the Fulbright?


Last Resort?

I could stay in the States during my husband's In-Country Training. However, this means we will have spent a grand total of 10 months together during our five years of marriage.

Thank you for your insight.

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