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Getting a job as a new graduate is nearly impossible! I'm an ADN graduate from California, and NO ONE wanted me what so ever, until a month and a half after graduation and receiving my license in the mail, I was offered a job at a SNF, on a sub-acute unit. I work full time doing insulins, IV infusions of random antibiotics, blood draws, central line care, wound care, the list really goes on and on. I guess I'm grateful I'm not losing my skills except for actual IV starts.

The organization level at this place is so terrible I cannot even begin. I'm beginning to wonder what the nurses have to do to get fired at this place, and the drama is just beyond necessary with the staff. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this profession and I just hate it so far. I worked as a CNA for 3 years before I got my RN and promised myself I would never work at a long term/rehab facility like this. Now I don't really have a choice.

The pay is so low that I think I may just go back and finish my Bachelors in Biology, which is almost done anyhow (I paused that when I was accepted to nursing school), and continue into Medical school to be a doctor. I see all these posts of others that aren't as lucky, and for two or more years haven't been able to land a job out of college. I feel like nursing isn't what it used to be. Maybe, I'm just down because I dislike my job, but I feel like I'm not making a difference or succeeding in any way. I'm trying to get passionate about it and try to keep my head up, but I keep getting myself down. Is anyone else out there? Are you struggling with just graduating and working somewhere you don't want to? Please share your story !! Thanks guys and if it even helps .. Good luck

Come on down to Australia!

Any RN with some sort of experience can land a hospital job in this country.

Really? I wonder how difficult that would be to transfer my US license to Australia.

Really? I wonder how difficult that would be to transfer my US license to Australia.

Search "AHPRA" it's our license agency. In Aus we get a national license so once you get it you can work anywhere in the whole country, you don't have to apply for individual state licenses like the US. From what I read Victoria is the hardest state to find work but every other state is fair game. I work with tonnes of overseas educated nurses. We don't have an "NCLEX" or any sort of entrance exam. It's simply transferring your license across.

I'm not saying it'll be an easy breezy process but it might be something to look into at least if your really struggling to find work

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