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New graduate LPN jobs

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I am a new graduate looking for a tech job while I am studying for the NCLEX, but it's hard to get into hospitals. any suggestions for Florida hospital, ORMC, Central Florida Regional? I recently spoke with someone from FL hospital and she said since I am not in my first sememster of the RN program that I cannot be a patient care tech.


Specializes in Corrections,Med/Surg, Infectious Disease. Has 11 years experience.

Hey, if you're interested we are looking for LPN's and RN's at our Facility. It's more considered Corrections but we need LPN's and RN's. I love working there even though it's not the inmates...ak.a. "residents" I choose to work around but it's not bad at all, you just have to be alert and strong minded is all. If interested it's in Arcadia,FL. Contact me and I can let you know more if you like. Jennifer

Hi MyLove4FL, I am also a new grad and looking for work too. Do you have any suggestions for me here in Florida? Is your facility still hiring? I am not too far from arcadia about 30-50minutes. I am not too finicky about commuting either. Still encounter a lot of rebuff of being told to come back and apply after I have attained at least a year to 2years experience :unsure::nailbiting:.

Hey any suggestion for me to find some work would be greatly appreciated, MyLove4FL and everyone. Thank you.