New Graduate Looking for Connections in NY, NY


Hello to all in the AN community.

My name is Ian Dempsey and I am going to be graduating from the BSN program at Southern Utah University this May. My hope is to move to NYC upon graduation and start my nursing career there, but so far the Job Search has been difficult.

It is my hope to make some contact with nurses in the New York area. I'm looking for anyone in any field who is ready and willing to get to know each other, and if they see fit, help me out a bit. It's hard to get even an interview in NYC, but I know if I got my foot in the door, any hospital would recognize just how much of an asset I would be to them.

A little about myself:

I'm a highly enthusiastic individual who has put a great deal of work into developing my nursing skills and knowledge both in the clinical setting and in academics.

I'm a hard worker who truly enjoys nursing. I have a strong background in medical-surgical nursing and a great interest in critical care. I would like to have more experiences in critical care so that I may progress into that line of work.

I've demonstrated my great communication skills in every clinical setting I've worked in, and integrated myself seamlessly into the healthcare teams I've worked with. I pay attention to detail and complete all the tasks required of me--this has made me an asset to the teams I've been with.

I have a history of building trust easily with patients, and giving them extraordinary care. I've been with them through many stressful times and always devote myself to bringing about the best possible outcome for them, both health-wise and emotionally. I am competent and caring.

During my time at school I've held several leadership positions within my school's nursing organization and volunteer projects. I follow through with what I have to do and can always be counted on.

I'm committed to expanding my nursing knowledge and skills, all the while continuing to provide excellent care.

Outside of school, I'm an avid reader, and like to spend a lot of time outdoors. I have a great interest in biology, and other than human bio, I love entomology. I even started my own insect collection two years ago!

I hope that I get the opportunity to network with many of you on this site.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Thanks for your time, and for reading this,

Ian Dempsey