New graduate on a floor with limited cohesiveness


i am a new graduate and have finished orientation for 3 months. I work on a busy PCU telemetry floor and work nights. After orientation I was told that I would still be "watched" for up to a year so I will learn things properly. Well that is the absolute opposite of what is actually going on. I am definitely one to ask for help but have received no support from my coworkers. As a new graduate this is frustrating when I am drowning and having trouble and ultimately doing things I am not very comfortable with. I have gone to the charge nurse who just says deal with it. And their answer to everything is "you are on your own". I have received help from other departments who I have gone to which makes my coworkers angry but if I am not going to receive help where does one go.. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions on what to say to these people. I don't want to be a meany and start being snippy but when someone needs help everyone should be helpful whether new or not. I am willing to help whoever but then ends up putting me behind.... HELP!!!!


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Sounds you need to have a heart to heart with you manager. And don't let them talk you into leaving " because it was too much for you", that is a cop out for poor training, especially if some things you do understand. If you feel you need more help then ask who can I go to for help, is there a resource nurse available becuase my co-workers seem to think because I'm on my own, that I am suddenly a vet with all knowledge. Try and think of when is frustrating you the most lack of help, or something else like organization or patient load. Make sure keep asking, someone is bound to help. Good luck.