New grad and taking time off.

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I'm in a pickle. I am due to have my baby in a couple months. I just graduated with my RN in May. I am struggling finding childcare for my toddler so of course it will be the same issue with the infant. The pay around my area also almost doesn't justify paying childcare for 2. So, I have been working days my husband is off. He works a rotating schedule (flipping days to nights etc). I am basically on orientation and I'm struggling learning with so many days off in between. I'm not sure if I'll be able to return to work soon after the baby with my husbands crazy schedule and a newborn. Is it impossible to get back to the bedside after we figure out childcare... which may be a year or so? I worked so hard for this degree and taking time off makes me sad. I know I'll be hitting the continuing education credits hard because I don't want to lose my license. This has just been frustrating. 

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