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Hi! I'm graduating and I have two job offers. I'm so confused on what to do. 

I have an offer with Cleveland Clinic in the CDU/Med Surg. I love everything about it, but the one thing is that the hospital is about an hour away. There is no contract, so that's good, I'm just worried I will get tired of the drive.

My other offer is with an HCA facility about 10 minutes from my house in orthopedics. I've been working in this facility as a secretary for a few years and I'm very comfortable, I'm just worried about patient ratios, and the pay is lower.

The thing is, neither of these positions is what I really want. I know that I want to work in Women's Health. I'm in Florida and our area is so oversaturated, this has been nothing available for me in L&D. I do need to choose something, because I need to start working, but if a job in Womens Health came up, I would leave where I was working. There are a couple of hospitals that don't offer a residency that I can apply to once I'm licensed, I'm just not sure what to pick right now.


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If it was me, I would find out what would be the move should I not pass the NCLEX on the first attempt. With some employers, the offer is contingent upon licensure.

I would think that you wouldn't have any issues with HCA since you've been with them for a while....they would be more likely to keep you onboard. Get clarification from the recruiter. Good luck!

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