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so ever since i found out i passed my nclex i have been applying to my local hospitals i even applied to hospitals that would be a 2hr travel distance and still nothing i think the problem is that i have my associate degree but i am currently enrolled in a rn to bsn program. does anyone have any suggestions i am very open to relocating at this point. i am in nyc if that helps anywhere in the tri state are would be a plus.


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It's very hard in NYC to get a job in a hospital w/ an associates unless you worked within the healthcare system to begin with. Do you have experience as a PCA or anything? I worked w/ a couple of nurses who had their associates, but they are currently going for their BSN and must have it completed w/in 5 yrs...but they were PCAs or NAs before being hired as RNs.

I'm sure there are places that hire RNs w/ associate - but it may be difficult in the hospital setting.

Also...I would call people that you know or have worked w/ throughout nursing school - that's the way I got my job after filling out over 100 applications - it was the ONE call that I got and it was b/c I had worked w/ this manager during my student rotation and she remembered me.

Good luck and I hope you find something!

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I agree that up north is difficult on new grads and especially harder on ADNs. I would know because I received my BSN in Jersey and know about the struggle in the tri-state area. Every state is different though. My advice would be to apply EVERYWHERE, that means rehabs, nursing homes, etc while still attending school for your BSN. Before you know it, you'll have some experience under your belt and have your BSN. That'll make you more marketable than the newly graduated BSNs with zero work experience.

Hang in there!


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Thank you i dont have experience as a pca but i did just get a position in a nursing home so i hope it goes well.