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I graduated in May 2012 with an associate degree. I have no prior experience in the medical field and would like to eventually work in the trauma ICU. I am enrolled in an RN-BSN program in the Spring '13 and have possible job lined up in med/surg tele.

Should I work in the tele unit until I finish my BSN and then seek a position in the ICU or gain some experience in the unit with less than 1 year to obtain a new grad ICU position? Is there anything I can do in the meantime to increase my chances of being in the ICU?

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Starting out in Tele gives you a leg up on the competition for the TICU positions. TICU is competitive and there are fewer of those jobs; They are going to take people who have floor experience first. It's also beneficial if you are working for the facility that has the TICU position as they will undoubtedly give preference to in-house candidates.

Unless your geographic area has a dearth of applicants with experience, it is very hard to get into an ICU as a new grad unless they have a critical need and or you are an impeccable applicant with intangibles out the wazoo. You'll need at least one year floor experience at minimum before they even consider you for TICU. I have 10+ years experience in ER and ICU float and I still need my sh_t together when I apply to TICU . :-)

Good luck!


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