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Hey all!! I wrote a couple of weeks ago and need some help or encouragement. I have been using Kaplan nursing site online to study for NCLEX-RN. I have done the first two question trainers and many questions from the Qbank but my scores are not improving. I keep getting low 50%'s. I watched the decision tree videos but that didn't help either. Is there anyone out there who went through the similar thing and already took their NCLEX and passed????? I don't have my ATT yet but hope to take exam by the end of next month. I am a little concerned :( Also for those christian nurses out there please if you have a minute or two shoot a prayer for me. Thanks in advance. God bless

Do. Not. Worry.

I did HORRIBLE on QTs 1-4.

I passed my NCLEX on the 11th.

Just keep working at them. It will come together.

I credit Kaplan solely for my license.

i went through the kaplan online courses as well. they mention that if you're getting 60% and higher, you're in pretty good shape. i really don't understand their grading system.. but i was consistently getting high 50s and 60s and passed the nclex in 75 questions. aside from the kaplan questions, i would recommend going to b&n and doing questions from different nclex books as well. it'll expose you to different types of questions with different formats and ultimately make you feel more comfortable when you're sitting for the boards. good luck!

Hello, I used Kaplan and was constantly in the low fifties. I took the test and finished in 75 questions. I haven't gotten my results yet, but I hear that is good.

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