New grad RN program/job advice/ trauma RN


Hey there everyone!

New to allnurses but I have read many posts during my 4 years in nursing school. I wanted to immerse myself in the world of nursing and get as much support and guidance from my fellow peers as I can so I decided why not make an account on allnurses? There's nurses from all over the place with TONS of experience and knowledge to share! So here I am :)

I just graduated nursing school and have moved across the country for my first job as a trauma RN in TX in a new graduate program. I was wondering if anyone had any insight/words of wisdom to share that could help me make the most of this experience? Anyone who's completed a new graduate program that has any advice about what to expect or advice from nurses who've been in trauma who could point me in the right direction in respect to being prepared. I'm aware the with any job in nursing, school never prepares you for the real world. Any specific things you would recommend I focus on before and during my first few months as a new nurse in trauma?

Thank you in advance for everyone's care and advice :)