New Grad - to quit or wait it out??


I am a new grad MedSurg RN 4ish months into my nurse residency, which lasts 12 months. However, since I took this position, I've had issue after issue with my facility and supervisors.

First, my shift differential was NOT was I was promised by the nurse recruiter. That recruiter quit shortly after I accepted the position, and I am several dollars short on the hour of the night shift and weekend differential that I was promised. I mentioned it to HR, and they said, "So sorry that happened! We'll have someone contact you about this. " No one ever contacted me. I let that go after I heard several other nurses were lied to about shift diff as well because I really enjoyed my coworkers and the unit while I was on orientation. However, as soon as I got off orientation and began working shifts without my preceptor, I noticed we had serious problems on the unit, bordering on patient abuse/neglect and harassment/bullying of nurses from unit supervisors. I did report it both to my preceptor and manager, and the supervisors engaging in this behavior have continued to work, even after repeatedly being sent home for being belligerent toward nurses and some patients.

The breaking point was when I was floated to the unit a few weeks after coming off orientation, with no training. I tried to tell the supervisor that I was uncomfortable with the assignment so she told me that I was "officially beginning orientation" in ICU. (After talking with my manager, who apologized over and over, I found out that this was a lie to get me to cover a shortage in the unit. I was NOT orienting in the unit.) The nurse that was "orienting" me ended up leaving me alone in ICU for 3/4 of the shift after we got report. I made it through the shift, but as I was driving home, I realized everything that could have gone wrong in that shift and how accepting that assignment could have cost me my license. I requested a transfer to another facility within the system, but the request was denied by my manager and facility CNO, who said they knew the culture of the unit was causing employees to leave and promised be more present during night shifts. On top of all this, the supervisors consistently started trying to call me off, so I was being forced to use my PTO to cover the hours that I wasn't getting to work, until I refused and contacted my manager to say I WANT TO WORK.

I applied for a PRN Home Health position just to try to bring in some extra income after realizing I wasn't getting the shift diff that I was promised, and to my surprise considering my 4 months of experience, I got the PRN job making more money than my MedSurg job and was even offered full-time at an even higher rate. I accepted the PRN position.

I also spoke with the HR department at my MedSurg job and found out that although I cannot transfer to another facility within 1 year of my hire date, I could turn in a notice, officially quit, and then just rehire into the system at another facility on a MedSurg unit to get around my transfer request being denied.

MedSurg is really where I want to be. I love the variety of patients, the fast pace, and the constant learning. I just feel like the unit I'm on now might not be safe, for my patients, my coworkers, or for my license. The culture absolutely sucks... no doubt about it, and the only nurses who have stayed at this facility are the supervisors who treat staff nurses, aides, and HUCs like crap.

Should I try to stick it out to the 1 year mark on my current unit while I work home health PRN? Or should I work home health full-time, while I turn in a notice, quit, and try to get back into MedSurg at another facility? Like I said... the money, especially for a new grad is good in home health, but ultimately, MedSurg is really where I want to be full-time.