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Hello my fellow San Diego and Orange County Psych Nurses,

I am a recent new grad with my BSN who wants to get into Psych/Mental Health in San Diego and/or Orange County and eventually enroll in a PMHNP program. Besides Sharp Mesa Vista, are there any other psych facilities you would recommend that hires new grad's in SD or OC? And any facilities you would not recommend?

All psych interests me, except pediatrics and especially adult acute!

thanks in advance!

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For San Diego County:

Sharp Mesa Vista

Sharp Grossmont

for both, you need to go through Sharp's new grad program.

UCSD (need to go through their new grad program)

Scripps (need to go through their new grad program)

I'm not sure if the rest have new grad programs, but they have been known to hire new grads at times:

API (Alvarado Parkway Institute)



Paradise Valley/Bayview

San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital (CMH)


Naval Medical Station Balboa

VA in La Jolla

Alpine (long-term inpatient)

As far as Orange County, I don't know much in that area, but I'm sure they have a County Mental Health Facility. Also, check out Kaiser, though you may have to go through their new grad program (Kaiser in San Diego doesn't have inpatient psych).

Best of luck!