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New-Grad Programs... Recommendations?


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It's that time of the year... time to start applying to new-grad positions for the May graduates.

Anyone really like the program that you went through, or the program that your hospital has?

I'm looking for ICU or ER (I have 6 years experience as an EMT-B, 3 years experience as an ER Tech), and have a goal of flight nursing. I live in the Baltimore area, so I'm mainly looking for Baltimore/Towson area, although I'm open to anywhere as long as they have a good program.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!



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Well it depends on what type of benefits/ reputation you are looking for from the hospital...me personally, I need help paying back my loans so I have checked out the two hospitals that I know will help me with that:

1. MD general hospital will pay 10,000 back in loans for 2 years there. also a 5,000 sign on bonus ( at 6 months you get $1500, at 1 year $1500, at 2 years $2000)

2 Mercy

Student Loan Repayment : Up to $3000/year paid directly to the lending institution at completion of one year of employment and continues to be paid to the lender at the end of each additional year of employment

so those are two of my considerations!!!

Also You have UMMC, they have a new grad packet with a few pluses as well (sign on bonus, pay for kaplan)!

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