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new grad program not great...


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I'm seeking out second opinions.

My friend has recently graduated and started a new grad program last March, off orientation since May. She was under the impression that she would start with a bunch of new grads, yet they started a month earlier. As a result, she missed a lot of classes offered to the other new grads. She is not happy with the unit (doesn't feel supported), that her orientation had a lot of holes in it, and that she is loosing skills (worked for a year as a nurse apprentice in critical before graduating).

There may be an opportunity to change hospitals, hired as a nurse with some experience, but able to attend some new grad classes. Unfortunately, this won't happen until the fall.

Do you think the switch will hurt her or make no difference later? She is thinking of becoming a travel nurse in the future and is afraid the first hospital won't give her the skills she will need.

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I notice you have a similar post about yourself (not a friend) in another thread. My answer here is the same as in the other thread. Unless the situation is really bad, I would hesitate to leave just because you (or "your friend") is feeling a bit left out and insecure. However, if it is a truly bad place to work -- people are mean, you are not learning anything valuable, conditions are unsafe, etc. -- then it would not be wise to stay.

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