New grad position - 4 weeks orientation only?

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I recently interviewed with PIH (Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital at Whittier) and learned that for their Med surg, Respiratory unit and Cardiac Telemetry - they only offer 4 weeks of orientation with preceptor..

I don't know if I will be offered the job or not and don't know which unit yet too, but I'm really concerned at how short the orientation is. Lets say if I am offered a position, should I take it and give it a try? I know jobs are hard to come by nowadays, I feel lucky to be called for an interview even. but 4 weeks it's still scary!!!

I asked about their retention & turn over rate, which doesn't sound too bad. but still..

Any new grad have worked for PIH? or nurses who's already been working there? or know people who work there?

suggestions? advice?

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Four weeks seems fair. I would find out if they are flexible with orientation depending on the nurse's needs. Some nurses are flying by week 3 and others are starting to spread their wings at week 8.

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I think it depends on how many patients you are expected to take after those 4 weeks. If you start with just 3 patients it might be fine, but not if you have 5. 4 weeks isn't even enough to learn the charting!

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