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new grad PICU nurse taking on peds CICU patients?


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So I work in the PICU and I have about a years worth of experience under my belt as a new grad. I guess several years ago the PICU I work in had the cardiac surgeon leave and the PICU lost its cardiac cases. but recently we got a cardiac surgeon back and now we're taking on cardiac cases again. We've only had a few so far and they've been assigned to our more senior nurses who have experience with the cardiac cases from the past for at least the first 48 hours post-op, but management has basically said that any of us should expect to be the main nurse for the post op cardiac patient depending on staffing.

we're a pretty young unit with a lot of new grad/inexperienced nurses and most of us haven't been oriented to a cardiac patient ever. learning new drips, side effects, and just nursing care overall of a cardiac patient seems kind of intimidating. managing cardiac patients is a different type of nursing that my PICU training didn't teach me. management told us they were going to do simulations and education sessions for those of us who have never dealt with post op cardiac cases but instead they said they didn't have time to and sent us out a giant packet of papers with a couple articles and some powerpoints made by our surgeon about how to care for these patients. and then we're supposed to take a quiz on it. and that's it? to me it just doesn't seem like adequate training especially for new grads to be able to take on a patient as complex as these kids can be. maybe I'll feel different if I end up with one as a patient of my own, but as of right now it seems like it could be a safety risk for the patient and for my license and the license of the other new nurses.