New Grad! Peds Cardiac Stepdown or Med Surg Tele?

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Hello! I'm about to start my first year as a nurse and I'm trying to choose between two different residency programs. Originally, I accepted an offer on a med surg tele floor (at a big inner-city hospital that mainly caters to severe trauma and the indigent population) under the impression that it was (an adult) cardiac stepdown floor. Come to find out, it's in the "process" of becoming a cardiac stepdown (a nurse on this floor told me it had been in the "process" since she started, 4 years ago). Because of this, I started applying to other positions and landed an offer on a pediatric cardiac stepdown unit. My long-term goals are to eventually work my way to CVICU and, even longer term, to transition into either an NP, educator or research role (cardiac focused). The med surg tele role pays more, though it feels like I'd be selling myself short for more pay (even though I need it). I've been a CNA for around 6 years with the adult population and burnt-out is an understatement, so the idea of something new like peds (at an equally big hospital) and higher acuity patients, sounds like a breath of fresh air. Is it a good idea to limit myself to peds at a time where I do need all the money I can get, or should I pursue the new experience, as I might have a little more job satisfaction, in spite of the lower compensation? I would normally negotiate for more pay, but as a new grad in a specialty where I have minimal experience in terms of peds, I feel like I wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Any guidance or mentorship would be greatly appreciated!


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