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new grad 6 months on the job- 2 med errors-1 pyxis error


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shoot me now! i feel so defeated and on the verge of tears. made my second true med error tonight. just 2 weeks ago my manager spoke to me about a med error. here's the scoop:

first error was made during an override in the pyxis. i selected the wrong patient but gave the correct med and dose to the correct patient. i realized the error and wrote an incident report. my boss asked if i learned form the error and what could i do to make sure it doesn't happen again. i got let off easy.

second error was made because an old dose of BP med was not D/c'd on the MAR and a new dose was written. this resulted in 3 doses instead of 2. one transcription used the brand name and the other used the generic and i didn't catch it. scheduled for 2 different time and other BP meds ordered as well. wrote an incident report again and called the doctor. my boss once again coached me and gave me pointers and a warning to protect my license:nono:. i walked away telling myself "i cannot make another med error"

third error was a stupid stupid error:banghead: gave potassium when the parameters were to hold if

will i have a job after this? will i be trusted after this? will i trust myself? will my coworkers feel comfortable following behind me? im sure i wont sleep tonight wondering if my boss will grow impatient with me. what happens if i make another mistake with meds? i need advice suggestions.

PS- the other new grads on my unit are doing just swell:(